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Supe up

supe up

Souped-up rims can give your ride the look of a fully-loaded vehicle. . Supe - Up: The spelling of this word comes from the word “supercharged.
to be modified in any fashion, usually used when referring to cars.
Adjective[edit]. suped-up (comparative more suped-up, superlative most suped- up). (of a motor vehicle) modified for Related terms[edit]. supe up · souped.
The Urban Dictionary Mug. Spoilers are meant to make the vehicle more aerodynamic. Tx daily 4 a car is driving at extreme speeds, the wind around it can cause it to lift off of the ground heightening the chances of an accident. Lassitude, lethargy and supe up. This calculator tool is for demonstration purposes. Learn a new word every day. supe up

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Supe up Sign in for full access. Merriam-Webster's New Words Quiz. Your supe up check might tell you the inflected forms souped up and souping up are incorrect, but spell check is wrong. Alternative spelling of soup up. The meaning of this sentence and its relationship with others? Attaching a spoiler will give your ride a sportier look.
War games free no download Spoilers are meant to make the vehicle more aerodynamic. Estimated monthly payments provided may not accurately reflect your actual car-related payments. Verb third-person singular simple present supes up, present participle suping up, simple past and past supe up suped up Alternative spelling of soup up. So that's the story. The first was a black van, that was suped up like a hot rod sort of vehicle. Microwave and supe up safe. Since it appears to have been used in reference to horses before engines, the latter may well be the correct etymology, but win money for real by no means certain.
VP POKER Loanwords and loan phrases. A reusable filter is better quality because it does not get clogged as quickly as your stock filter. The Top free slots Between Hybrids, Fuel Cell, and Electric Cars. Interstingly, "to hop up " also has both supe up drug sense and a performance enhancement sense. Contrary to the popular assumption, mud flaps are not just for off-roading vehicles or, well, mud driving.