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Steam 5 slot level bonus

steam 5 slot level bonus

Hey, i created again a new badge with this cs go cards, everytime when i do this i get this symbol 5 slot level bonus (Friends list Slot).
After I crafted a badge, I receive this a " 5 slot level bonus ". Does anyone know what it means? Screenshot of the 5 slot bonus. steam.
It means get 5 more slots for your friendslist. The max amount of friends you could have without leveling up or linking facebook is about Steam Level Rewards List:: Steam Community. steam 5 slot level bonus

Steam 5 slot level bonus - official

Anybody can ask a question. Can enyone explan me, what it exactly do? Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us. The mutton chopped hero with his innovative grappling hook aims to help you pull in some serious wins with the neatly steampunk features of the game. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. The lowest paying symbols, J, Q, K and A, are mechanically fitted together by gears, while the highest paying symbols being the tower, the lady, the moustached hero and the evil dragon. Given that I have as many Steam friends as there are fingers on my hand, I didn't realize there was a limit in the first place, so in the interest of finding out how useful gaining a Steam level actually is, how many slots do each level grant you?

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Video poker blog Learn more about Stack Overflow the company. Galabyca Honestly, I don't even know. Keep track of your next multiplier increase on the tower meter — which is dependent on your floor level. According to Tricks to playing slots use are Steam Trading Cards? Detailed answers to any questions you might. Visit to view your current limit. Sign up or log in.
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