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Finally, RV Trip Wizard stands out from other itinerary planners because it features tons of other useful information that RVers use often, like locating.
Printing: It's so nice to have an overview of your trip to pin to a bulletin board, or tape to the refrigerator. RV Trip Wizard prints out a nice map. My request is that it integrate completely with Google Maps. It all comes down to choices. Early on in our travels, I spent quite a bit of time researching road trip planning websites and apps, and RV Trip Wizard was actually one of the first tools I looked at. Often broad brushing a trip over a year in advance. Thanks for those tips Kyle! Google Earth is a wizard of omaha cool tool for exploring the planet, and its ability to trip wizard KML files makes it easy to use in conjunction trip wizard Google Maps to store and share routes and destinations. To be really useful, a trip planning tool should allow for offline planning. trip wizard Monochrome State - I. The Electric Trip Wizard, II. Enter The War King