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Trans-catalina trail

trans-catalina trail

23 reviews of Trans - Catalina Trail "My boyfriend and I came for our year anniversary, and it proved to be a really fantastic getaway. Please note that we didn't.
Trekking the Trans Catalina Trail, Catalina Island, California.
The Trans - Catalina Trail is a 32 mile trail that runs from end-to-end of Catalina Island. This is the essential guide to hiking this epic trail.

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Watch out for the wildlife. This breaks up the hiking and gives you more time to really enjoy and explore the area. I have found your site very helpful. This road is a downhill climb. Have lots of water and some food for energy: fruit, energy gum, maybe a sandwich. Trans Catalina Trail
Nature Center at Avalon Canyon. We started in Avalon and headed up the Wrigley Terrace Road to Blackjack Camp. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. They help a ton. We are planning to do a shorten trans-catalina trail of this trip and had some questions. trans-catalina trail