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Square enix email unsubscribe

square enix email unsubscribe

Well now back to the point Square enix started sending me an email once a month. So after awhile I tried to unsubscribe only to start getting it.
I tried unsubscribing from and http://na. square - enix. com/ but can't seem to find a way to unsubscribe. Is it possible.
Don't go hunting for instructions how to unsubscribe or links to follow, a web page, by sending an email or by just clicking twice in Gmail. square enix email unsubscribe Final Fantasy XIV ARR - Protect Your Account Information From Hackers With One-Time Password Revisiting the subscription page, I saw that all the toggles I turned off were back to being turned on. Kane and Lynch: Dead Men. Tags for this Thread. After getting to the support page of your respective region see above you need to click the video poker game free Enix Account" link in the "Recently Updated Titles" section towards the bottom of the page. Crash 'N Burn - General Discussion - Archive.

Square enix email unsubscribe - the saga

New content is encouraged. This is an archived post. It's a shame we have to jump through so many hoops to do something so simple. Easy Good-Byes If subscribing to a newsletter is easy, leaving it should not be a pain, either. Some poorly programmed email marketers will require you to enter the email address on the page again, then click SUBMIT, possibly choosing which things to opt out of. For Contact details a simple "unsubscribe from emails" should do it.