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Split strategy

split strategy

Split strategy (partitioning). From: A Maths Dictionary for Kids by Jenny Eather at A strategy that splits (partitions) numbers.
Can you split the addition to find the answer? addition to find the answer? Click to play 'Addition by splitting game'. Click on the image above to play the game.
Two digit addition (split strategy). Course: Mathematics; Grade: Grade 3; Section: Addition; Outcome: Two digit addition (split strategy); Activity Type: Interactive.
This activity requires an split strategy to enable as it customises it questions to individual students. Adding three single digit numbers. Samples: Adding three numbers. Note: To set tasks and track progress you will need your own account. Samples: Single Digit Addition Match. Already have a Studyladder account? You can use this game as a group activity on an interactive whiteboard in class, or suggest students play it at home. Split Strategy for addition