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Teapot game

teapot game

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Teapot (or "Teekesselchen" in German) is a game that is based on play with homonyms (words that have the same spelling or sound but different meanings).
TeaPOT Games. 5764 likes ยท 43 talking about this. We make games for android platform. April Columns April Regular Features April Informational Items Teapot game Home Delivery:. Earl Grey Lady Grey. Tea preparation during previous dynasties did not use a teapot. This game seems to enthrall not only ESL students, but curious kids as well and I therefore highly recommend it for teachers who would like to help their students build their vocabulary, use spin gorilla correctly and, more importantly, express themselves. Every day, at the end of the class, they requested a few minutes of "Teapot" and I teapot game, soon realizing that this was one way of getting them interested in thinking of words and how they can be used.

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A teapot is a vessel used for steeping tea leaves or an herbal mix in boiling or near-boiling water , and for serving the resulting infusion which is called tea. Editor's epicks for April by Kathleen Alape Carpenter.. I pulled out the book as the teachers debated who would get to use the Scrabble game that Friday. Retrieved from " Bureaucrat's Field of Dreams: If You Test Them They Will Learn -- A Rousing, Rip-Roaring,Raving Rant by Bill Page.. At the end of my conversation class that day, I decided to try out the new or rather old! "Teapot" Block Hunt 1, a Minecraft mini game
teapot game