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Velocity 9 was a drug developed by Vandal Savage. Their plan, however, was foiled by the Flash and Dr. Bortz, but not before Flash was robbed of his powers.
Velocity is a series of drugs that allows temporary access to the Speed Force. Initially. "Harry" Wells after he had traveled to Earth One and joined Team Flash.
Velocity, a free online Arcade game brought to you by Armor Games. A rhythm- based game for Rockout Contest. velocity flash

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Initially developed by Hunter Zolomon and then by Dr. Introduced in the pages of Hawkworld. It was later learned that exposure also causes severe insanity which was the primary motivation for Norman taking the identity of the Green Goblin. The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia's general notability guideline. Originally stolen when Morpheus was captured by the Order of Ancient Mysteries , the sand eventually ended up in the hands of John Constantine. Bortz to work on synthesizing his own supply of. Who to increase in size and gain "the strength of ten gorillas" in order to fight Doctor Fate. Labs in an urgent matter from Wells. While each Devil Fruit grants a different power, they share a common weakness: the user can no longer swim, and in fact loses all strength when immersed in sea water. They were mainly used as performance enhancers in competitive sports, although velocity flash use of multiple patches at once could produce Bane-like combat abilities. A reference soft vs hard blackjack the Golden Age Whizzer. The news trended almost immediately. The Flash 2x14 Jay Garrick use Velocity 9 Part #9 Episode 14